What Glenda is doing now…

I am trying to have some investigative medical procedures done, but it is difficult to get a place in the hospital queue without something going wrong due to illness of staff, or absence of beds, or something. I have not have had Covid yet, and am still comprehensively wearing a mask to avoid doing so. As an immuno-compromised person, I could find Covid to be fatal in spite of my four innoculations.

On the writing front, I have finished my last book and sent it off to a publisher who has expressed an interest. We will see what happens. Watch this space.

On a personal front, my husband and I spend a lot of time at home. Our elder daughter is visiting from USA, and as it is three and a half years since we saw each other, this is a very valued overdue and cherished meet-up, and not nearly long enough.

We do get out and about, usually in open spaces and wild places…


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