Love it When Readers Make My Day…

I’ve had a lovely message from a reader who read The Isles of Glory in French, and wrote to tell me so. In French. Happily, I didn’t have to resort too much to Google for a translation. I did learn French in high school and then lived two years in Tunisia in 1991-92, so managed to dredge up enough memories to read a touching review. Here’s a little of it:

"A feminist story that I loved. You carried me with them" (the characters) "and I'm going to look into your other stories because I'm truly blown away. It's been a long time since a story had been so captivating to me as to make sleepless nights to read, read and read again!"

Merci, Sophie!

Unhappily, of all my 13 books, only the three books of The Isles of Glory were translated into French…

In other news, over the weekend we went down south with family. Alas, it rained. A lot. The good news was the rain sent us into one of the regions most glorious attractions: The Jewel Cave. And here’s some photos:

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