The Lascar’s Dagger

The Forsaken Lands - Book 1

(UK edition)
ISBN: 9780356502724 (0356502724)
Format: Paperback
Published: Little, Brown Book Group (Orbit), 18 Mar 2014 (Australia)
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Aurealis Awards - Finalist - for Web

2015 Aurealis Awards for Fantasy and Science Fiction

Shortlisted – Best Fantasy Novel

Winner – Ditmar Best Novel 2015 (Australian Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror)
Winner – Tin Duck Award for Best WA Professional Long Written Work 2015

The start of a brand new epic fantasy trilogy from Glenda Larke, author of the Stormlord series—full of scheming, spying, action and adventure.

Faith will not save him.

Saker looks like a simple priest, but in truth he’s a spy for the head of his faith. It’s a dangerous job, and more lives than merely his own depend on his secrecy.

When Saker is wounded by a Lascar sailor’s blade, the weapon seems to follow him home. Unable to discard it, nor the sense of responsibility that comes with it, Saker can only follow its lead.

It will put him on a journey to strange shores, on a path that will reveal terrible secrets about the empire, about the people he serves, and likely lead to his own destruction. The Lascar’s dagger demands a price, and that price will be paid in blood.


My favorite fantasy book of the year is The Lascar’s Dagger by Glenda Larke. It’s a refreshing take on a lot of different fantasy tropes. She added interesting aspects to her world, and the characters were fun to spend time with. I’m really excited the book is the first book in a, hopefully, long series. I really can’t wait to spend more time with my new favorite priest/spy Saker Rampion.

As a result, the novel’s conflicts and outcomes are logical developments inside the rich social tapestry woven around them. At the same time they are full of surprises that add up to a book that is difficult to put down.

Carol Ryles, 25 Oct 2014

What I loved especially was the slight ways Larke subverted tropes within this work – like how within her society, there was more gender equality seen within the religious order, than throughout the rest of the world. We see this most with Sorrel especially, and the unfairness she faced, which drove her to what she did at the start of the novel.

Ventureadlaxre, 24 June 2014

Larke has written an excellent book that I highly recommend to all fantasy fans, especially those who like their fantasy serious, long, and with complex characters and motivations. I am very keen to read the next book in the series and I hope it’s not too long a wait. For readers who have not read any Glenda Larke books before, this is a good a place to start as any book one.

… As the slow-burning plot unfolds, Larke’s attention to detail and worldbuilding come into their own… Densely plotted without being convoluted, this is an absorbing political fantasy that bodes well for the rest of the series.

Publishers Weekly, 23 Dec 2013

She has the best world building of any fantasy writer I’ve ever read and it only seems to get stronger with each book … it blows my mind … if you are a fan of high fantasy and have not yet read any of Larke’s books, you are sorely missing out!

An excellent book that I highly recommend to all fantasy fans … for readers who have not read any Glenda Larke books before, this is a good a place to start

Definitely recommended!

The Book Plank, 26 Mar 2014

The Lascar’s Dagger hit all the right notes. It’s epic fantasy in a uniquely crafted world complete with tight, flowing writing that almost instantly sucks readers in.  There’s magic and complex politics involving characters that you either love to love, or love to hate.

Bookworm Blues, 7 Mar 2014

As a set up for a series, and when dealing with the larger picture, I was hooked. I am fascinated by the age of exploration and can’t wait to see it play out on a larger level in a fantasy novel … I want to see how a certain cursed land is affected by certain actions in the book. I want to know how the religious schism that seems set to grow turns out…

The magic here isn’t just in the witchery shrines, but in the characters … Larke’s magic is in making her characters rich and interesting.

Paranormal Haven, 8 Apr 2014

Readers who love epic fantasy for the political intrigue and all that entails would find lots to like in The Lascar’s Dagger. There are scandals, betrayals and plays for power … I have to praise this book for its originality; there are ideas in here never seen before, and with really no way to predict what’s coming next, I’m definitely on board with continuing this series.

The Bibliosanctum, 14 Apr 2014

Other editions

The Forsaken Lands - Book 1

(US edition)
ISBN: 9780316399647 (0316399647)
Format: Ebook
Published: Orbit, 18 Mar 2014

The Forsaken Lands - Book 1

(US edition)
ISBN: 9780316399661 (0316399663)
Format: Paperback
Published: Orbit, 18 Mar 2014


The Lascar’s Dagger — 10 Comments

  1. I am going to order some of your other works as The Lascar’s Dagger has me hooked.
    I do have to admitt to a bit of frustration with Saker’s density at times. Am rooting for him of course but hey having to have things spelled out to him is a bit wearisome.

    • When will book 2 be released? I had a hard time getting into the Last storm lord but Im willing to buy it again and try again…. Keep the faith stay with us readers adn we will stay with you….

      • Alan and Clay: Sorry that I missed both these replies somehow…

        Book 2 is now out.

        Alan, I didn’t want to make him too much of a hero, at least not in Book 1! I rather liked his being dense, because I see that as stemming from his basic decency. He doesn’t expect the worst from others. Thanks for the comment — you weren’t alone in being annoyed with him!

    • Alan, I didn’t want to make him too much of a hero, at least not in Book 1! I rather liked his being dense, because I see that as stemming from his basic decency. He doesn’t expect the worst from others. Thanks for the comment, though — you weren’t alone in being annoyed with him!

  2. Like all your books Glenda, love some of them and I’ve expressed my appreciation in Amazon reviews. Actually, after revisiting “Lascar’s Dagger”, I’m bumping number of stars from 4 to 5 in my review, as your stories improve on the second reading, which for me is the best indicator of a book’s quality.
    Saker is indeed a bit innocent, naive and cocksure, but real and alive. Hope he’ll grow with the progress of the story, as Shale Flint did. Sorrel is a wonderful character.
    Thanks for another great book.

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  4. Just finished listening to both Dagger and Dagger’s Path on audio book. Good Job Especially in book 2!!! Also nice choice in Will Damron for the narrator.
    I will check out your other books and have Glenda Larke on my watch list for future Audible books:)
    Any idea when book 3 will be ready?
    Not trying to rush you — Doing it right makes it worth the wait.

  5. Hi Howard!

    Book 3 is on track to come out mid- or late March. I have already handed it in. However, I’m not sure about the audio version. It should be available at approximately the same time as the print and ebook version.

    Unfortunately, none of my other books are on Audible, but I hope that will change one day. I’d like to see them all out there as audio versions…


  6. This above explanation is just a small scope of the truly epic story that is being told in The Lascar’s Dagger, I have completely left out all the dealing that happen when Saker is serving his time with the Prince and Princess but this is full of the courtly intrigue, backstabbing and betrayals that Epic Fantasy fan will want to read about.

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