NEWS UPDATE: I Have a New Book

It has been a long time coming as a lot has happened in my life since my past published book.

The story is now in search of a home. It is a standalone fantasy novel, set in a new world I have not visited before…

This cover may not be the final one…and the title could change too!

And in personal news (this really happened):

Husband has been prone to terrible dreams, night terrors, almost every night since he had open-heart surgery several years back. (Apparently there’s even a word for this: the “pumphead effect” named after the bypass pump used during the surgery.)

So the other day he wanders into the kitchen after waking up in the morning. “I just had a horrible nightmare,’ he says. “I dreamt I was in charge of a small army camp in the jungle…”

I adopt a sympathetic expression, bracing myself to hear a horrific nightmare tale of blood and gore and grief.

Says he, “I couldn’t get anyone to do the washing up.”


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