Flying through the sea…

 Where we were today… Dawes Cut.
Above: a fire in the distance: possibly a controlled burn.
 Husband was fishing, see below. I was polishing book 3 of the THE FORSAKEN LANDS.

And we were visited by a very large stingray — over a metre wide. A huge thing. I know that Australia has the biggest ray, and it may have well been that one, the Smooth Stingray, which has a very short tail. 

I actually suspect though that this fellow may have had his sting and part of his tail chopped off by an ignorant human being who thought wild animals should not have anything that might be threat to him.


A DAY WELL SPENT — 1 Comment

  1. They do that kind of thing in North Carolina, always assuming they put the ray back in the water at all. I remember how many sting rays got killed after the "Crocodile Man" got killed by one. I notice no-one has ever shown a video of that event. Poor sting rays. Nice pix Glenda, you do live in a nice part of the world.

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