On the road in the Pilbara

 After a last look at the Cape Range National Park at Exmouth, we took a look at Pebble Beach, which was exactly as described, and left behind the peninsular behind (if you want to see emus and kangaroos in the wild, by the way, this whole area is the place to go! They were everywhere.)

Another long drive.

More blue skies.
More red soil.
More straight roads.
More lack of traffic.

Until just before the next town of Karratha.

Where we met a train. A couple of kilometres — or maybe miles of it — crossing the road. 

The train carries iron ore. Nothing else.

 And so the road train and us had to wait.

And wait.

A long time.

Road trains — all three huge pieces of them — can be carrying anything
from tires the size of a room to … well, the rooms big enough to
contain tires that size. This guy was stopped by the train. The cab with
its driver is a long way in front of us.


On the road in the Pilbara — 4 Comments

  1. Coincidence. Just saw a travel piece about the Sahara and a town that produces iron ore and sends out a train several miles long packed with nothing else. I thought we got long trains here, but these iron ore trains beat the band.

  2. Hi Glenda, I have only recently discovered your books, and I'm loving them. I am just finishing the third book in the isles of glory trilogy. I'm intrigued by your approach to magic – there aren't many fantasy books where that potential for corruption and the creation of a two tiered society is recognised. I'm busy telling everyone I know how good your books are!

  3. Aren't they great Lian. One of my favourites is her first book Havenstar. But all her books are great and the magic is always unusual

  4. Thanks, Lian! I've always thought that having magic is just having another form of power, and I guess we all know that powr can be misused and abused, as well used for good.

    Readers who recommend are, btw, very precious!

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