Amazon, Orbit and Me

Dear Readers,

You may have heard of this ongoing war between my publisher (Orbit) and Amazon.

Basically, Amazon is being greedy, trying to punish a publisher who refuses to cave in pricing negotiations. The people who get hurt when elephants dance are always the little guys, in this case, us authors.

I no longer have a “normal” job — post 65, I found that the work I was doing was a bit beyond me physically: the tropical rainforest is a tough place. In addition I started to have some skeletal issues that tend to plague the aged… Now, of course, I am no longer living in Malaysia anyway. So my only income is my writing.

And let’s face it, has become more and more important for selling books. Bookchains — having wrecked the independents with their price cutting and other tactics — are now collapsing under their mismanagement and misunderstanding of the industry. So what Amazon does has become more and more vital to authors and publishers. Amazon knows that, and they are using that knowledge to further their greed, indifferent to how the small guy suffers. (At the moment, –at least as far as my books are concerned — does not seem to have joined in the war.)

What can you, the reader do?

Buy your books elsewhere.

Here are a few alternatives:

Paperback or hardback: Buy from Indiebooks
eBook can be bought through:
Smashwords, which includes a Kindle version
Barnes & Noble;

AUSTRALIA (for other titles of mine)
Dymocks stores  
Click on the links for a list of my paperback books available at any of the above

Or try Independent bookshops such as:
Galaxy in Sydney
Stefen’s in Perth
Pulpfiction in Brisbane

Buy any of my books (listed here) from BARNES &NOBLE
Independent bookstores such as Borderlands San Francisco

Try Waterstones.


Amazon, Orbit and Me — 4 Comments

  1. I just want to say Stefen at Stefen's in Perth is the nicest guy you'll come across and if anyone's in Perth, you should go get the book there!

    I'm always a bit embarrassed walking in there as I'm no true scifi/fantasy fan as I know very little but he is always so patient and so easy to have a chat to! 🙂

  2. I am sorry to hear this is happening to the detriment of the writers and I hope it gets resolved in your favour. I will spread the word. I think there are a number of my blogging friends, who are also authors, who are having the same problems.

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