What I’m doing this year…

Here’s the latest GLENDA LARKE news.


  • “The Lascar’s Dagger“,
    book 1 of a trilogy “The Forsaken Lands” is now out, available as an
    eBook and a paperback worldwide. If you would like to know more about
    it, see a couple of author posts I’ve put up on the www.Orbitbooks.net
    site. Book 2 has already been delivered and is due for publication in
    January 2015.

If you want to help out the author, tell your friends — or write an honest review somewhere or other!

  • “The Aware”,
    the first book of the “Isles of Glory” trilogy, is free as an eBook on
    all formats (Apple, Kindle, PDF, Nook, Smashwords etc etc)  until the
    end of the month. I believe it has already had over 2,000 downloads just
    on Amazon! Of course, this is designed to entice you into buying books 2
    & 3… 🙂
  • “Havenstar” is now available from Tigonderoga Press, Amazon, etc as a hardback or paperback. The eBook is up everywhere except Amazon — try Smashwords, B&N, Apple, Sony, Kobo…

My other two trilogies, The Mirage Makers and The Watergivers (Stormlord books) are available pretty much everywhere as ebooks and paperbacks.


  • I will be attending three SFF conventions this year.

The first is Swancon over Easter in Perth, Australia.
The second is the World SF Convention Loncon3 in London in August,
and the third is the British Fantasy Convention in York UK in September. If you’ll be at any of them, please say hi!


  • Some readings, chats etc to look forward to:

Charlottesville Virginia at the B&N in 5th April at 6pm
Forbidden Planet in London post Loncon3, with Karen Miller, date to be decided.


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  1. Hi Glenda, just wanted to say I read The Lascar's Dagger and loved it. It was a slower start as all the characters and the world was set up, and then the story raced away with great speed and excitement. I love the characters, some that are not very nice people, and some that are. I look forward to the next two books. Please write quickly!!!

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