My programme for SUPANOVA PERTH


Apart from lunch between 1pm and 2pm, I’ll be available for chatting, signing, whatever (and as I will be a lot less in demand than the mega stars, there will really be time to chat!!)

And, as well:
Saturday 3.30-4.20pm in the Supanova Seminar Room

Panel Name: Mr or Mrs Smith?

Panelists: Keri Arthur, Glenda Larke, Bruce McCabe and David Henley
Sunday 3.10-4pm in the Supanova Seminar Room
Panel name: Blood on your hands
Panelists: Jo Spurrier, Lara Morgan, Robin Hobb, Scott Baker, Colin Taber
Panel descriptions:
  • Mr or Mrs Smith?: Gender in fantasy & Science Fiction
    Was Peter Jackson correct to add a female character to the film
    adaption of ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’? What causes an author
    to create a female or male protagonist and does the publishing
    industry, society or even the fans influence this decision? Come and
    hear our guest authors take on this contentious topic.
  • ·Blood on your hands: The art of killing, maiming and torturing your favourite characters –
    Come and see how our guest authors deal with making their characters’
    lives a living hell, while still keeping the reader on the edge of their
    seats and wanting more.


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