Dave Freer and Steam Mole

Dave Freer is doing a Next Big Thing today — read it here. Being written by Dave, it’s witty.

More importantly, Dave’s Last Big Thing, Steam Mole, has now been freed into the world. If you have a Young Adult reader anywhere within your range, buy it for them, and if you haven’t already done so, buy the book comes before it too, Cuttlefish.

The Steam Mole

Here’s what I wrote about The Steam Mole:

“The Steam Mole by Dave Freer is a gritty tale of betrayal, courage and mateship, a riveting read for lovers of realistic steam-punk. A steam mole may burrow like a termite to escape the harsh conditions, but moral and ethical dilemmas are not so easily solved in Freer’s alternate Australia.

“The background of a hot, climate-damaged land is fascinating, but it’s the eclectic mix of characters that brings the story alive. British imperialists and greed-driven company men vie with fiercely independent miners and submariners. Feisty teenage protagonists include a conflicted aboriginal and the well-to-do daughter of a prominent family, plus Clara and Tim from Cuttlefish. The result is a high-stakes adventure to preserve basic human freedoms.”

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