Rowena’s next Best Thing

There is a blog thing going around at the moment entitled “The Next Best Thing” where writers write about what they are working on… They answer a number of set questions, then name 5 more writers who will do the same one week later on their own blog site.

Here is Rowena Cory Daniells’ blog post, and she has tagged me for next Wednesday — so if you want to read what I say to say about my next big thing, drop around here next Wednesday.

My problem with this meme is that I can’t find anyone who wants to be tagged! Everyone has either already done it, or says they’re already committed. (As the meme grows larger week by week, this is not surprising. ) So if you are a published writer and want to write about your next big thing, email me (info at glendalarke dot com) and I’ll tag you for the following week…

And Rowena writes great character-based epic fantasy so pop over to her blog and take a look around.


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  1. Lots of Blogger authors out there, Alex J. Cavenaugh, Stephen Tremp, for two. Alex is linked on my blog page. Alex has lots of writers/bloggers listed on his page.

    Did you see I bought the e version of Havenstar?

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