Help!! A Poll on book titles…

NOTE: There are 2 polls…

As many of you know, I absolutely suck at choosing good book titles. So between now and the time when I actually submit book 1 of the trilogy, I shall probably poll you, my readers, several times about titles.

What happens after that is usually that the publisher says something very polite, which  translated is “You suck at choosing good titles”, after which we start all over again…

This trilogy is about colonialism and the spice trade in mythical lands, fighting evil, with loads of nature-based magic.

You will see two polls in the sidebar to the left, with some titles. One poll is for the individual books of the trilogy; the other is for the trilogy title.

A good title is one that would prompt you to pick up the book!

NOTE: you can choose as many titles as you like.


Help!! A Poll on book titles… — 12 Comments

  1. I must admit I tried to brainstorm some titles… and it is really hard but I am not a writer and English is not my native language. I love books though, fantasy especially. Thank you so much for enriching the genre!
    If you want to hear my result at titles; "Heart of the witchery" and the word Elettaria(cardamom)I often find the Latin plant names fascinating. Anyway good luck titlehunting

  2. It was hard to tick the last box on both polls, but in all honesty none of them really worked for me. I think part of the problem is that the word "Witchery" doesn't sit well with me.

    Then again, as with all names, once they're out there they develop a life of their own and become perfect. I wrote quite a lengthy blog post on the subject a while back…

  3. Glenda,
    Sorry, but I have to go with the they all suck. My issue is with Witchery in the title, this would lead me to first assume a paranormal romance book. Though I do like Wayward, and Wending.

  4. Sorry, I don't like any of them either. Maybe something with the name of your magical system plus spice or just the name of the magic system.

  5. Sorry Glenda, I don't like the word "witchery" either. I say keep "spice" lose "witchery". Maybe substitute "power" for "witchery".

    Suggestion: Spice Feather

  6. Thank everyone. I had an idea that Witchery might fall flat. I was wondering if it had overtones of cauldrons and pointed black hats, which is not what I want to convey at all.

    Keep the comments rolling in! I will be putting up some more titles in the next week or so…

  7. I'm afraid that even before I read the comments here, I was thinking that "witchery" just doesn't work for me in any combination. To me it just gives a sort of frivolous connotation.

  8. I agree on The comments of the word spice being good, My only thought is to use some play on craft being both a synonym for magic and trade. spicecraft instead of witchcraft

  9. How about just 'Spice and Spells' for the series? Or, as FollowYourMuse suggests, 'Spicecraft'. But if you don't want to conjure up images of the Scottish Play, definitely avoid 'witchery'.

  10. Hi Glenda, your titles remind me of two things, an old nursery rhyme: sugar and spice…that's what little girls are made of; and 'The Spice Trade'.

    Think through this for titles: What is the heart of the story? Think internal and external story. Your title/s lie in there.

    Thought: do you have to use the term witch? Could you use something else that fits in with the world or are you wanting to use all the connotations (good and bad) that the term implies?


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