Titles again

Well, the last lot of titles had a pretty resounding “No way!”
So I am trying another title poll (see sidebar on the left) — this one would be for the first book of the trilogy.


It’s possible some of you may not know the word ‘lascar’ as it is something specific to the Asian region, or to British history. Feel free to answer the poll anyway.

AFTER doing the poll, if you don’t know the word, come back and read the definition below, adapted from the Wikipedia article if you want…

Also Lashkar, Laskar.

A sailor or militiaman from the Indian Subcontinent or other countries east of the Cape of Good Hope, employed on European ships from the 16th century until the beginning of the 20th century.

The word comes from the Persian language, meaning military camp or army, and the Arabic word for a guard or soldier. The Portuguese adapted this term to lascarim, meaning an Asian militiaman or seaman. Lascars served on British ships under ‘lascar’ agreements. These agreements allowed shipowners more control than was the case in ordinary articles of agreement. The sailors could be transferred from one ship to another and retained in service for up to three years at one time. The name lascar was also used to refer to Indian servants, typically engaged by British military officers.


Titles again — 12 Comments

  1. I voted yes, obviously don't know exactly what the book is about, but that title sounds intriguing. Whatever you call it the editor will probably change it. I liked your original titles for the Watergiver series even if your editor/publisher didn't.

  2. I haven't the foggiest what a lascar is, and I doubt few people would know. I voted 'maybe' because the title doesn't really do anything for me. Are there any other options?

  3. I voted no, but after reading a previous posters comment, I may change it to 'maybe'. I chose 'no' for the simple reason that the word 'dagger' puts me off. I liked lascar, even before I knew what it was. To me, every generic generalization of fantasy includes swords, dragons, magic and a dagger of some kind, and your work is anything but generic. But hey, thats just my opinion, I'd buy anything with your name on it regardless.

  4. I am pretty sure I remember the word for The Little Princess and maybe Flashman. Now there's a combination of books!! Much better title!!

  5. I know this isn't the sort of comment you're after, but what would make me pick up the book is not the title, but the two words above/below it… Glenda Larke…

    Cheers, Lisa.

    PS, I much prefer this title to the others.

  6. I have to agree with Lisa on both counts: I'd mainly pick it up because it's by you, and it is a better title than the previous batch.

    I don't think it matters that there's an unfamiliar word because that's pretty much par for the course with fantasy. I'm not sure if you're hoping to entice readers who don't usually read fantasy with the title, but in that case the fact that "lascar" isn't a made up word could work in your favour.

  7. I didn't know what lascar means but for me that actually made the title more interesting and appealing. I really like this title, it has a nice ring to it.

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