The observant among you will have noticed that there is another word counter thingy up in the sidebar. This is for my latest, as yet unsold, book. I am aiming at writing at least 1,000 words a day — or 7,000 a week. I’m hoping to achieve more that that.

Don’t take too much notice of the name — titles tend to get changed along the way as publishers look for something that will sell.

And the picture? That’s got nothing to do with the book.
That’s The Beach. You know, the one in the deCaprio film set on the Thai Island of Ko Phi Phi. Our mistake? To go there on the Buddhist New Year’s Day…Yep, those are just SOME of the boats…each bringing anything up to 15 or so people.


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  1. Must admit I like Witchery of Spice, but whatever its called, I know it will be good. Sorry you haven't sold it yet.

    I've seen crowded beaches, but that takes the cake.

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