Aurealis Awards Judges’ Reports

The judges’ reports for the 2010 awards are up and they can be read in their entirety from here.

And this is what the fantasy judges for best novel of 2010 said about Stormlord Rising:

“This is classic fantasy full of all the great elements fantasy readers love: a well-balanced magic system, a complex political world and a series of interweaving storylines told from the perspective of several engaging characters. Full of pace, energy and intrigue, Stormlord Rising is a must read for lovers of high fantasy.”

And don’t forget, folk:
Two months to the publication of Book 3, Stormlord’s Exile


Aurealis Awards Judges’ Reports — 6 Comments

  1. Yay! I completely agree with all of those nice things. So looking forward to the last book! I am really counting on a bookshop having it early enough for me to take it with me as a plane book (since I leave for Europe on the 1st).

  2. I agree too, I am still sorry you didn't win the Aurealis Award though. Maybe soon. I have suggested my library buy the book that did win. Its gotta be good if it beat you.

    I have my copy of Stormlord's Exile on order from Amazon.

  3. Hi Glenda, I have never done this before but I'm in the middle of Stormlord Rising and I have to thank you for giving me such joy! I can't wait to curl up with it each evening… I've only just discovered your writing so I have all you previous books to look forward to. By the way, I keep thinking of Ursula LeGuin when I read your books… She is my favourite fantasy author, in fact one of my favourite authors in any genre, so thank you again!!!!

  4. Annie, I am pleased you have discovered Glenda's books and envy you being able to read the remainder of her books for the first time. I have just read them all for the second time and simply love the stories.

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