Bathroom Renovations


Remember that horrible scene in Alien where you realise that the aliens are actually paralysing humans to be left as food for the alien hatchlings?
Yeah, well, here’s where the script writers got the idea.
This is our second bathroom. Like most Malaysian houses, there are no insect screens. And the assassin aliens have access…

Left: Day One of the construction. Note the hole left to drag in the paralysed, living dinner…

Day 2:  the construction continues, enlarged. The hole is closed, the imprisoned is enclosed in the dark awaiting death, along with the young that will suck its juices


Bathroom Renovations — 5 Comments

  1. I agree, but I wouldn't want them in my house anyway. Bad enough outside. Think you should obviously use your second bathroom more often. Here again, I would be sprayng it, you take pictures!!!!!

  2. Ah, but the earth coloured blob is just a decoy. The real threat is the triffid that has flattened itself on the ceiling.

  3. Hmm. I don't mind a bit of wildlife in the house – but I'm not sure about wasps. Mind you I think I would have been as fascinated as you at the building process and then I'd have been stuck with it, wouldn't I.

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