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Well, in actual fact, Stormlord Rising is already available if you have access to Australian books and can buy the Australian Voyager edition.

But if you are in US, it’s out in August, next month – in fact I see that Amazon is advertising it for THIS month. That’s right, July. July 27th to be exact. So hop over there to, or to Borders online and order, NOW. You know you can’t wait a moment longer, and wouldn’t it be nice to get it the moment it’s available…? Besides, think what fun you can have teasing all those folk in the UK, who have to wait a little longer, by writing an online review.

If you are from UK, it’s November. At the moment, sometimes allows you to pre-order, on other days the entry says “not available”. Not sure why.

BTW, I think the subtle differences in colour, as seen in the pix above, is more a result of the fact that the US version is glossy, whereas the UK version is matte with glossy title.

So, will you like it? So far the feedback from readers has been mind-blowing. They all say its better than The Last Stormlord, and I’m talking about people who loved The Last Stormlord. (One assumes those who didn’t like it won’t go on and buy the next!)

And of course, having just written a post on why writers shouldn’t take much notice of reviews, I am now cheeky enough to tell my readers that you should all take notice of the following totally brilliant reviews of Stormlord Rising:

There are two reviews here
another here.
There’s another here at ASIF from Tehani Wessely.

And here’s one you may not have seen yet because it’s relatively new, from Nyssa over at Awritergoesonajourney. She gives me 5 out of 5 for plot complexity, world building, characterisation and writing style, bless her.

She also starts by saying “Larke will have your soul...” (Cue for me to give evil laugh).

“Most readers can recognise ‘middle book’ syndrome of trilogies, where the second book sags in terms of quality. Even the best of authors can write terrible middles, but not Glenda Larke. Carrying all the tension and hypnotic power of the first book, Stormlord Rising is a fabulous continuation of the brilliant The Last Stormlord, and edging the plots towards their final exploding conclusion.

“Larke sure knows her way around words, and by twitching at the strings of one character or another, she makes them dance to a tune only she can hear. We can only wait and read what she chooses to reveal to us.
“The worst thing about Stormlord Rising is that the end is so close, yet so far! Impatience is not pleasant, but it’s so hard to fight when you get a book this great, this spellbinding, this epic.

Now if that doesn’t make you want to read the book, I’m not sure what will.


STORMLORD RISING is coming…. — 3 Comments

  1. I almost wish I hadn't read it yet so I could have the joy afresh. Your work gets even better, book by book, and I can't wait to get my hands on book three!

  2. Oh you and me both Satima, except I am glad I don't have to have the cloaked figure on my cover. I am sick to death of mysterious figures in cloaks.

    However, I must say when I finished Stormlord Rising I felt as though I was 2/3 the way through it *grin*.

    That is a fabulous review by Nyssa, wish I could write such a good one, suffice to say I too can't wait to get the third book.

  3. Wow, Amazon has it listed for July 27th. I am going to have to go over there now and see about ordering it. I am looking forward to reading this one. Thanks!

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