And the murderous saga continues… — 4 Comments

  1. I'm sorry Glenda, but why on earth don't you get rid of it? In fact, for that thing, I would inclined to call in the exterminators if you have such things in Malaysia. Not funny inside the house.

  2. Firstly, I rather enjoy watching its progress.
    Secondly, I'm pretty much of the live and let live kind of naturalist. It's not threatening me. I've never been bitten by one of these even though they are continually building in crannies around the outside of the house and veranda.
    Thirdly, if I knocked it down, the mother would only come back and rebuild somewhere near by.
    Fourthly – exterminators do far more damage to our health with their poisons, than a few wasps.

    Mind you, I'm not silly. I did bring in the exterminators once – for a communal wasp nest built in a garden tree. The nest was being added to by large numbers of wasps, and if it had been bumped by a branch in the wind they could have gone crazy and possibly been a critical danger to us.

    Once, when walking in the mangrove mud flats, a boy with us bumped a communal wasp nest in an old stump. I counted 32 stings on me afterwards. Believe me, they are PAINFUL. I always carry anti-histamine with me, and no one came to any harm…although I did lose a shoe in the mud because I refused to go back and look for it!!

  3. This particular nest is being built by a single wasp, and she is not in attendance most of the time, only when bringing the mud, the food for the young or laying the egg, one a day. In fact, I haven't even see her yet!

  4. i hope the queen and it's futur will be nice to you, and i think the wasp has an aesthetic humour. I wonder how does a wasp think and dream about ? food ? motherhood ? do the wasp play ever ?

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