There are people who want to cut down Temenggor

There are people who think this place is just a bank for making money out of logs.

This film was taken by a good friend of mine, Chan Kai Soon, in the Temenggor Forest Reserve.

If you think this is worth saving, then sign our petition here.

Temenggor is in Perak state, Malaysia, and holds 10 species of hornbills…and a great deal more, including tigers…


There are people who want to cut down Temenggor — 3 Comments

  1. I tried to sign the petition but it wouldn't work unfortunately.

    I gather you got home safely and unnoramlyed. I guess the volcano did enough noramlying.

  2. What went wrong with the petition signing, Jo? If there is something the matter, I will get it fixed.

    And yes, I'm home – slept 12 hours last night!

  3. When I tried to submit it didn't do anything at all.

    Not suprised you had a long sleep, hope you feel good for it.

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