Pictures on the way home & robbed yet again

Above: journey started in the train from Cardiff to Paddington. Snapped on an iPhone by Paul McGuigan from the seat in front.
Below: sunrise over India. Actually more spectacular than this because the dark clouds were alive with lightning flashes…of course, every time I snapped, I missed the lightning!
Below: Early morning light over Sri Lanka

Had 12 hours sleep last night as I did not sleep more than half an hour over the previous 33 hour period! Which I reckon is the best way to deal with jetlag anyway.

And guess what? We were robbed last night. Someone broke into the yard and then into the car. They pinched our Touch ‘n’ Go card, worth 15 RM, which had about 6 RM on it – about US $6 altogether, plus minor damage to the car. Husband woke up, but didn’t see anything. (Our house is comprehensively armed with an alarm system – even the ceiling! – but the car alarm was not on.)

For people coming this way: Crime is rampant in Malaysia because of the huge proportion of drug addicts in the population. Beware. You are far more likely to be robbed here than in London or New York, and the robbery might be with violence too. Take precautions. And here’s an odd fact – it is the Muslim males who are the vast majority of addicts here. I wonder why?


Pictures on the way home & robbed yet again — 6 Comments

  1. Sorry to hear about the robbery although I am glad it wasn't more serious. Very odd it should be the Malaysian males, from everything you write, they've never had it so good, they don't seem to be accountable for the way they treat women, maybe they feel guilty and turn to drugs. Yes I realise its not everybody.

  2. I used to visit Malaysia when I was working in Bangkok about 12 or 13 years ago. It didn't seem to be so bad then. I am sorry to hear that it seemed to have gotten worse!

    I'm glad to hear that you got home fine! And thank you for signing my book!!

  3. Cherry – it has gotten worse, I think. All down to drugs, or so I believe.

    And it was a pleasure to meet you!

  4. That's a rotten welcome home – but was probably better Noramly didn't hear anything from the safety angle.

  5. Wow, that is some interesting information about the robbery. I believe you, but it is hard to believe things are that bad somewhere. Hope it doesn't happen again anytime soon.

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