An Australian went up a mountain…

Yesterday daughter and I walked up the mountain/hill that was the inspiration for this book/film. (Actually the film was not filmed here!)

We begin by having lunch at the inn at the foot of Garth Hill, then start on the 8km walk…
The view gets better and better as we climb. Alas, though, the British countryside is being eaten up by housing and development.

Above: view down the Taff valley to Cardiff and the Bristol Channel. Could even see Devon from the top…
Below: on top
Below: if you look hard you can see a black dot in the foreground of the photo below – that’s the car parked next to a wall, where we started.
Below: the cairn on top, the Bristol Channel in the distance


An Australian went up a mountain… — 2 Comments

  1. Interesting pictures again Glenda. I was going to comment I prefered Hugh Grant, but then saw pix of your daughter who is equally as good looking.

    Hope your flight goes OK tomorrow.

  2. Beautiful landscapes. I would love to look out my windows and see that scene every day. Wow! Thank you for sharing these pictures.

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