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General requirements: Requires no intelligence, just a really, really weird idea of what it titillating. Would help, actually, to be mindless. Otherwise a highly developed sense of humour is advised.
Not suitable for: anyone subject to repetitive wrist injury. Might help to be ambidextrous.
Recommendation: Suggested that applicants have a highly developed sense of secrecy. (After all you wouldn’t want anyone to know you do this for a living, would you?)
Location: Malaysia. (Specifically: the offices of the Malaysian Censorship Board).
Pay and perks: unknown, but probably includes a pension and medical benefits.
Job Description:
The ability to wield a mean black marker pen so that it totally eradicates all suggestion of what it covers.
Example of the work required: for the month of May 2009: Go through all copies of the National Geographic entering Malaysia and cover all suggestions of erotica from this offensive and pornographic monthly magazine.

p.s. possibly such as this disgusting photo here, (look at the third one on the page), obviously unsuitable for the sensitivities of Malaysian viewing.

(Information about this job taken from letters to the editor p56 The Star newspaper)
Pix from Harry Clarke’s Faust see here.


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  1. Come on Glenda, that’s obviously phallic so of course it needs censoring!!! Someone should censor the censor, how can anyone possibly think National Geographic is offensive and pornographic is beyond me. Obviously Malaysians aren’t idiots, but there seem, from what you tell us, to be a lot of idiots who get into positions of power in Malaysia.

  2. Of course, we all know few things are as titillating as a whirlwind. That’s why it’s called a willy-willy here in Oz.

    People who find it so are prone to RSI. Their wrists are sore from all that…well, you know what they are sore from.

  3. Now, now, Satima, I was merely referring to all that wrist work blackening out the pics…how could you think anything else? ๐Ÿ™‚ Come to think of it, though, you could have a point. Hmm.

  4. I guess that’s one way to get carpal tunnel syndrome:-) I hadn’t thought of that before. Now I will be more suspicious LOL

  5. I don’t get the National Geographic, Gynie, so I am not sure. But looking online, it seems as if that set of photos was in the print version for May.

    All the other articles for May seemed very harmless, so I am guessing the man’s bare bottom was too much for the censors. After all for his age, he is very sexy, n’est-pas? ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Oops, I didn’t read what you wrote properly, I never even saw the third picture, just the one of the twister. I was referring to the tornado picture as a phallic symbol.

    Do Muslims have a thing about nudity?

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