A View from the lighthouse

Some more photos from the lighthouse…
Above, the morning parade from the Javan Mynas…
Had 1,300 plus raptors today, including a crazy pair of kites that didn’t seem to know if they wanted to be in Malaysia or Indonesia…
And J0 – I dropped my camera. Totally wrecked it, so no more photos!
This is the view looking down on the sea (those are corals). Yesterday we were treated to a hot courtship between two green turtles…

And yes, I am still doing my copy edit. Work goes on.


A View from the lighthouse — 2 Comments

  1. Sorry to hear about your camera Glenda. What a bummer, you take such great pictures too. Hope you can get a new one soon.

    Actually I dropped my camera the day after Matt bought it for me. I was lucky, it was OK. But having been in lots of trouble about it, I now make sure I use the strap on my wrist every time.

  2. Hello Glenda !

    That is a real shame for your camera, and for us some pictures do look like from an other world !

    By watching your birds i’ve been discovering them unsually and i’m asking myself about their smell: birds don’t really use their noses,isn’t it?

    If you didn’t know already, i thought may be you might be interrested about Le salon du livre 2009 which is about to begin in Paris 13-18 march ^^

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