Counting birds…more from the lighthouse

Remember that these photos are taken with a little digital pocket camera with not much zoom, and only an automatic focus, so don’t expect much….
Oriental Honey Buzzards…

And a Barn Swallow too…

And below: Black Bazas, a flock of 60

When there are no migrants, we watch the locals – the Brahminy Kites courting, the Sea-eagle sitting on her nest, the male Sea-eagle shooing away his previous off-spring in a spectacular display of talon gripping flight, and the mynas in their bonding flights over the sea every morning in flocks that flow like water.


Counting birds…more from the lighthouse — 1 Comment

  1. I’m surprised you don’t have, or have access to a better camera for something like this. After all you do this every year. Doesn’t your hubby have a suitable camera? Still lovely photos though. Must be so thrilling to see all these birds.

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