Marvellous what you can find on the internet…*g*

I adore this cover…love, love, love it.
The Last Storm Lord by Glenda Larke

Shale is the lowest of the low-an outcast from a poor village in the heart of the desert. In the desert water is life, and currency, and Shale has none. But he has a secret. It’s the one thing that keeps him alive and may save all the cities of the Quartern in the days to come. If it doesn’t get him killed first…

Terelle is a slave fleeing a life as a courtesan. She finds shelter in the home of an elderly painter but as she learns the strange and powerful secrets of his art she fears she may have traded a life of servitude for something far more perilous…

The Stormlord is dying in his tower and there is no one, by accident or design, to take his place. He brings the rain from the distant seas to his people. Without a Stormlord, the cities of the Quartern will wither and die. Their civilization is at the brink of disaster. If Shale and Terelle can find a way to save themselves, they may just save them all. Water is life and the wells are running dry…



Marvellous what you can find on the internet…*g* — 11 Comments

  1. Wow. That cover is amazing, awe-inspiring. Just makes me want to read the book even more!

    Here’s to hoping the UK cover will be just as good! *g*

  2. The cover art is simple, dramatic and awe-inspiring. I sincerely hope that it attracts recalcitrant buyers to your craft because you deserve a wider audience.

    The synopsis had the same effect on me as would the smell of freshly baked bread to a starving man.

  3. I agree with everyone else, wonderful cover. Good title too and yes, I would buy it from reading the blurb and seeing the cover. I just wish I could but its not available yet boo hoo.

  4. Isn't it great? And I like the blurb too. The two publishers (Orbit UK & US, and Voyager HC Oz) have run numerous ideas past me, and this one is good. There are so many things going on in this land, it's not easy to sum up the main plot in a few lines.

    The weird thing is how often I first see a finished cover online rather than in my inbox… Actually, I rather like it that way. It's always an unexpected surprise.

    Jo, I fear you will have to wait a little longer than expected. The UK and US version has been put off till March 2010, through no fault of Orbit.

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