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The rainforest is a huge complexity of life – exuberant overkill, in fact. To a newcomer it can be overwhelming. Tourists from temperate parts of the world often walk through it and see almost nothing. They cannot separate out the elements from the whole. Quite literally, they don’t see the trees for the forest, let alone see the spiders on the trees… Note above the cat-like face on this spider’s abdomen.

Pix 2: Bracket fungi on a tree.

Above: A bug on the bark. And another fantasy face stares out above some fancy buttons on his jacket.
Below: a wild orchid.


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  1. That’s why we tourists need good guides to point out such things to us. I must confess I am not terribly interested in bugs as such and spiders are certainly not my favourites, especially in the bath. I know they are a major part of the ecology, but they just don’t appeal. Orchids now, and birds of course.

  2. It’s beautiful !!
    They all seem to wear some kind of fashion designer clothes! du sur mesure !

    I’m trying not to kill spiders and to throw them out, but they come back and so on, and sometimes my boyfriend get a shoe and… yark ! Hardtime, mens are cruels ^^

  3. They’re all beautiful!

    I don’t mind creepy crawlies, in fact I have millipedes, praying mantids, land hermit crabs and Peruphasma Schultei in my bedroom – and I love them! *g*

    I’d love to live somewhere like that, with such wonderful biodiversity.

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