Seasonal doggerel

This courtesy of my publisher’s website:

On the twelfth day of Christmas/Yule/
my true love sent to me

Twelve knights a-jousting

Eleven gods a-squabbling
Ten priests a-scheming

Nine robots computing

Eight maids a-butt kicking
Seven dragons a-flying
Six zombies a-walking

Five woodcutter’s sons (on a quest)
Four talismans
Three demons
Two emperor’s heirs,

And the one ring of power to bind them all …

And from me:
may you all have some great fantasy reading in 2009,
including a new Glenda Larke (the best yet)!

And why am I jumping the gun on the New Year wishes?
Because today is the Islamic calendar’s New Year’s Day.
Happy New Year!

And here, just for fun,
is the longhorn beetle
now sitting on my verandah clothes-line.
[And yes, all you dryer-using people – we use clothes-lines.
And sunshine.
In fact, I can’t say I know anyone who uses a dryer here,
although I am sure there must be some around.]
This guy is about an inch and a half in body length.


Seasonal doggerel — 1 Comment

  1. It does have long horns doesn’t it?

    As for dryers as opposed to sunshine, when I use the dryer (not mine part of the building supplies) I may not get a fresh air smell, but I get softer clothes which don’t need ironing and which haven’t had presents left on them by birds. Nor do they have peg marks on them and can just be folded and put away instantly.

    Not good ecology, but very good for me.

    I am longing to read the new Glenda Larke in 2009.

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