Thanks for Yosemite

Thank you to all the folk who were ahead of their time – even ahead of some folk who live in our times – and decided to stop the logging and the mountain sheep-herding that would have devastated this place forever.You had vision.
And gave us something visual to ease the stress of life.
You understood how necessary it is to have balance in life and you were willing to fight for that, so that we too could have balance.
You appreciated perfection, and wanted to pass it on to people who weren’t even born.
There are still those who will ride wildlife down, shooting at them out of planes, watching as they die bloodied in the snow.
But you knew then and I know now that there is better way.
Thank you.


Thanks for Yosemite — 6 Comments

  1. Beautiful innit? One could lose oneself there for days. One could also ‘lose’ certain election candidates there permanently and no-one would ever find them. 🙂

  2. It is beautiful. There are still some very lovely places in North America (I refer to the continent), some of which I have seen. Many of which I hope to see. But you are so right Glenda, thanks to those who had the foresight to preserve these wonderful places.

    I agree, daughter #2 looks to be a very lovely YOUNG lady. Thereby lies the difference.

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