In Charlottesville

In the inimitable way that members of the Noramly family have, I spent 2 extra hours waiting in the plane on the tarmac at Denver airport while a baggage compartment door seal was re-glued. I kid you not. They had to wait for the glue to dry.

Luckily it did indeed dry, and apparently stayed glued until we arrived in one piece at Dulles.

And in time for me to get the connection to Charlottesville. Not in time for my bag, though. Never mind, being met by elder daughter, whom I had not seen in 11 months, and greeted by huge hug on arriving at her house by grandson, made up for that. Even Skunky the cat – who hates strangers with a passion and remains hidden for days when someone comes to stay – shot into my bedroom as soon as she realised I was around, and ankle-rubbed like a maniac wind-up toy until she was greeted. She has hardly left my side since. I guess she remembers that I don’t go off to work in the mornings and am therefore available for frequent cheek rubs and chin chucks. It is nice to know one was missed…

Luggage arrived this morning. It had been searched and there was a neat note to tell me so.

Denvention report will come soon, with photos.


In Charlottesville — 2 Comments

  1. In these days of high tech scanners and trained sniffer-dogs, one wonders why they need to do a physical search of the bags … other than because they can.

    And the cat is called Skunky because …?

  2. Black and white cat maybe? I hope for no other skunk type reason.

    I’m so glad your baggage turned up safe and sound in the end.

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