At Denver airport

After the fiasco of LAX and missing my flight, I arrived at Denver airport 4 hours before my flight – sailed through the ticketing and security in less than an hour, and ended up with more that 3 hours to wait!

So here I am, enjoying their free wifi…

Denvention is over, and I feel enormously sad about it coming to an end. I had a wonderful time. I made new friends, enjoyed meeting old ones, reveled in the knowledge that Australia will hold the 2010 worldcon (for which I now have a paid up membership!), talked books, listened to some great writers talk on a variety of topics, learned lots of new stuff. I will have some more to say in the days to come.

I am continuing on my journey stimulated and rejuvenated, dying to start writing again…

Next stop Charlottesville Virginia, where I will see my daughter again after 11 months or so, not to mention grandson and son-in-law.

To everyone who made my time at Denvention a joy – thanks. Especially Donna, my roomie. Sharing a room is becoming a habit for us, and long may it happen…


At Denver airport — 7 Comments

  1. Hope the rest of the journey goes as smoothly as the check in … or even more smoothly, as an hour seems a long time to me …

    Where in Australia in 2010?

  2. Smoothly? You gotta be kidding – 2 hours sitting on the tarmac, because of a wonky cargo door, followed by a lack of luggage when I arrived in Charlottesville…sigh

  3. Noramlys and travelling! Poor you. Hope the luggage is arriving on the next plane, and didn’t decide to go skydiving somewhere over Kansas … Big hugs and Bombay Sapphire.

  4. She probably needs that Bombay Sapphire after having an alcohol free convention.

    Sorry you are getting Noramlyed again, however, enjoy your visit with your daughter.

  5. Er, well it wasn’t quite alcohol free, Jo. It was just free alcohol free.

    Great, Kendall! I rely on you, you know – you have to turn up to my reading, right?? Where would I be without you?

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