Quiet day

Had a great dinner last night at a West Perth restaurant, hosted by HarperCollins…

Stimulating conversation with Theresa and Ian from HC, Bevan MacGuiness (author of the Triumvirate trilogy) and his wife, Jonathan Strahan (Hugo shortlisted editor) and wife Marianne, and Stefan from Borders. I love people who have their kind of sense of humour. Whacky.

Other than that, taking things quietly and trying to catch up on emails. Irritatingly, I am unable to use my normal email programme to send, which makes things twice as difficult and three times as slow. So if I owe you an email, I am getting there…

We leave on Sunday for Eyre Bird Observatory.
Overseas readers, please note that although this place is in the same state, and it it going to take us 3 days to get there. Western Australia is a VERY big place. It would swallow Texas whole, along with all of all of Japan and the UK, and still have room for New Zealand.


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  1. Texas ain’t that big anyway, they just think they are. How are you travelling to the Eyre Bird Observatory? Hope you get some good pictures when you are there. What birds do you expect to see?

  2. We wouldn’t mind having Enzed’s rainfall:-)

    Have fun on your trip, Glenda. I hope you get some super shots.

  3. It is difficult for people from other countries to grasp just how big Western Australia is. Sometimes I don’t think that the other Australian states even get it, big as they are too. And the huge desert and semi desert areas are an even harder concept.

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