All good things come to an end

Swancon is over for another year.
It was just as much fun as I expected. I enjoyed the panels I was on – some were better than others. I enjoyed even more the panels I listened to. Robert Shearman and Ken MacLeod were great guests – knowledgeable, funny, friendly and extraordinarily approachable. Rob may have been a last minute replacement, but he did a great job.

My Oz Guest of Honour speech was a mish-mash of stuff – mostly about how my life has impacted my work, I guess. So lots of pretty rainforest pix…and others showing me writing in some unusual places.

The writing workshop I gave was fun from my PoV, and I just hope that some of those who attended will get some benefit from some of what I said.

Getting together with old friends was a highlight of course – Karen Miller and I had some interesting conversations in the middle of the night. Fabulous to see Trudi and Paul again; Satima and Helen Venn (first time I’ve seen the latter since we were in uni together, and that’s more years than I want to admit to.) Seeing people I know from other conventions in the past like some of the Swancon committee – Ju, Dave, Anna and Art, and Davina. Talking to other writers and editors: Cat Sparks, Jonathan Strahan, Joel Shepherd, Simon Haynes, Dave Luckett, Sean Williams, Ian Nichols, Bevan MacGuiness, Marianne de Pierres. Meeting Sue and Steve, the Duff guests, from Kentucky – who never did get all their luggage! Sara and Geneva, Danny, Dianne de Bellis – ah, I could go on and on. All in all, far too many interesting, intelligent, witty people to be able to mention them all.

It is hard to explain just how much I appreciate the opportunity to meet like-minded people. To talk about sff, and not feel that the audience is half-expecting you to apologise for having such a (weird) interest. I feel as if I have just had a dose of inspiration, and now I have to make it last until the next con I go to.

So my deep gratitude to the committee for inviting me as the Australian Guest and so enabling me to participate in the experience. I am honoured to have been part of Swancon 2008 – thank you. Thank you to everyone who came to my panels/workshop/speech prepared to listen to me rabbiting on…

Just: thank you.


All good things come to an end — 7 Comments

  1. To listen to you and Satima sounds like the world’s greatest event. Wish I could attend one. Maybe when I win the lottery I can fly over. A lot of the writers you and Satima mention mean nothing to me over here, some may be published in North America but may not have made much of a splash. Pity.

  2. Hi Glenda
    It’s me Donna. Reading your blog makes me miss you heaps. What a great time you must have had and seeing all the gang too.

    My only consolation is that I did get to see Russell win his prize. That made it all worth while. BTW you and he would be terrible in a car together, arguing over land formations and land degregation.

    Big hug from me. (Donna)

  3. I enjoyed all your panels, your workshop and your GoH speech very much, Glenda. You’re right Jo – well, nearly: maybe Swancon isn’t the world’s greatest event but it sure comes close:-) Start saving! And gee, Donna, I wish you could’ve been there. Even when it’s the Natcon, people think twice about crossing the country for Swancon. (Jo, think Halifax NS to Vancouver: it’s a long way.)

    Glenda, you and all the other GoH’s are worthy of praise and salutations. Kudos to all of you.

  4. As someone who is still a fair way down the ladder having the opportunity to talk to more experienced writers in my genre was a real joy.
    I certainly enjoyed your workshop, panels and GoH speech. Some of those images of the rainforest will stay with me for a long while.
    My only regret is that I wasn’t staying in the hotel. Well there’s always next year.
    I’m looking forward to catching up with you soon.

  5. It’s actually Karen, here. I give up trying not to be Mills on blogspot.

    Your speech was fantastic. I could’ve sat there twice as long and been enthralled. Sharing a panel with you was wonderful. Watching you get the appreciation and acclaim you deserve was doubly wonderful. Spending some time with you was priceless.

    Oh, and Ken McLeod kissed my hand as I was leaving. Probably that means I shouldn’t wash it now … *g*

    I hope we get to do this again some time soon.

  6. Loved all the photos – thanks so much for putting them up – especially of the launch! It looked like you all had a fun time – hope to make it next time!

  7. Great photos, good write-up. And it was a great pleasure meeting you. May I use your photo taken at the Girl meets Boy panel to illustrate my April 3 post on Writer Unboxed? Should have taken my own pictures, but I was worrying too much about the panels.

    I really enjoyed your GoH speech, and was impressed by your ability to fit in writing any time, anywhere, as illustrated in the photos of you on the laptop out in the back of beyond.

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