Praise for Microsoft

Having blog-blasted Microsoft because my new Ergonomic Microsoft Keyboard 4000 stopped working after one week of use, I now have to praise them.

I took me a while to establish that I had indeed bought the keyboard in the USA and brought it back here (my fault for the delay, not theirs), but once that was done, they were amazing in their response. I now have a brand new keyboard that works beautifully, and the swelling and pain in my wrists has vastly improved. Microsoft staff were helpful, followed up everything, and the result was excellent, the matter solved quickly.

So, credit when credit is due – thanks Microsoft.


Praise for Microsoft — 3 Comments

  1. Is that one of those keyboards that’s kind of split into two? I can’t get on with those…maybe because I play a pc keyboard like a piano keyboard, hands roaming side-to-side, and sometimes typing just one handed while the other hand holds a book open (or whatever foods I’m eating). 😀

  2. What do you want to bet the Microsoft person you were dealing with is one of your readers?

    I use an ergonomic keyboard at home and at work (the one at work is a spare one that ex-Mr DM kindly sold to the company for a previous receptionist who had wrist problems, but when she left I swiped it for my PC – it’s a good way to stop other people using the PC cos they can’t handle the keyboard!) and I’m so used to them I find it difficult to use a normal keyboard now.


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