Sabah sunsets

We have been away a couple of days, up north from Kota Kinabalu, to the island of Banggi.

What is it about sunsets in Sabah? They seldom seem to fail us. This one is in Kudat, where we stayed for a night before taking the ferry across to the island.

We are now on our way back, staying overnight in a small town called Kota Belud. Pleasant little hotel which has internet connection! Yay! The whole of Banggi Island has no telephones…in fact, electricity is only 6pm to 6am…more about the trip later. Right now I am downloading into my inbox 250 offers to improve the size of an appendage I don’t even possess. Sigh.


Sabah sunsets — 2 Comments

  1. I enjoy your blog for both the great photographs and entertaining dialogue of your journeys.

    I too am plagued by similar daily helpings of junk email.
    I long for the day of international action and cooperation to stamp out those responsible.

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