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Selamat Hari Raya / Happy Id Fitr to all Muslim readers.

Over at Falcata Times, Gareth Wilson has done both an interview with me and a review of Heart of the Mirage. If you don’t know this site – take a look. I am mightily impressed by the amount of work that goes into creating this printable PDF file. The cover may not be quite my thing (it’s, um, not exactly aimed at my gender, at least not for someone of my orientation…) but the zine is absolutely worth reading and keeping just for the stacks of reviews, let alone all the other goodies within.

Says the review: “…full of intrigue, mystery and perhaps best of all, subterfuge, with the principle character learning to come to terms with their own heritage in a “Nature vs Nurture” battle from the very beginning.
“Truly memorable and a tale that has the second installment flagged for an immediate read… “

I think he liked it.

P.S. I may not have internet connection for some days this week…


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