Chatting to my IP – on a daily basis

Ever since I returned from the islands, 5 days back, there has been something wrong with my internet connection.

So every day I have to schedule time on the phone with my IP.

And every day they make me jump through some hoops in an endeavour to show me that it is the fault of my computer or my phone line, and not their fault. (Today I had to dial the connection number on my phone line to make sure it sounded like a fax number. It did.
Usually it’s much more complicated than that, and takes a big chunk out of my day.)

And every day I finally convince them that there is nothing wrong with my computer, my connection, my modem, my phone line.

And every day nothing happens to make it better.

It’s a plot – I have to use their back up number, and it costs twice as much, so they are making money out of me at the moment.


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