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Ah, we progress. I have gone from error 678 “couldn’t find the remote computer” – that is, the computer of my Internet Provider, yes, the IP that I pay money to for the privilege of a connection supposedly whenever I want it – to error 718 “the remote computer did not reply in a timely manner”.

You know what? I wouldn’t mind even if it replied in an untimely manner. If only it would reply.

In the meantime, I go on paying double what I should, and TMnet laughs all the way to the bank as they scam another trapped customer in a land that has only one IP.

Tonight is my last night in Sabah. It is raining. I am surrounded by boxes and packing mayhem. Maybe when we are back on the mainland my computer will slip under their radar and be able to make a connection. I’m a hopeful sort of person.

The pix is dawn from our room on Pulau Banggi last week. See what you miss when you don’t get up with the sun?

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