One of THOSE days…

I had to have an x-ray this morning.

Which is not such a bad thing. Except that one has to be prepped for it…starting Friday night with a pair of harmless looking pink pills, and an instruction sheet on how I couldn’t eat anything but white rice, boiled fish and fruit juice for 2 days. And two more sets of pink pills over the weekend, which were apparently designed to make sure that the rice, fish and fruit juice didn’t hang around anywhere for too long.

So that was one miserable weekend. (Except for the minicon Saturday night!)

So I rack up to govt clinic for my x-ray first thing this morning, only to be blithely told, “Oh there are no x-rays being done today. They have an audit.” I never did quite work out who had the audit – the x-ray machines? The radiologists? Anyway, you can imagine how I felt about that. However, I didn’t go down without a fight…and so I ended up driving 9 kms to the x-ray dept of a govt hospital, and back again to the clinic with the x-ray.

Then, when the doctor put it up to the light, it was to discover that they had not positioned me correctly under the x-ray machine so crucial bits and pieces were missing…

Great. I’d done all that for nothing.

Anyway in the afternoon I abandoned the govt clinic and went instead to a private hospital (via the bank to draw out money) to see a doctor I normally visit for a once-a-year check up. On the way (a 40 km drive), it started to rain – the kind of rain that can only come in the tropics. And the aircon in my car had packed up and gone who-knows-where. So I’m sitting behind a fogged up glass trying to see through rain doing an imitation of Niagara Falls in flood down my windscreen. And managed to take a wrong turn. The rain stopped and I was stuck in a traffic jam in an old part of town I am not familiar with…

And there was a Chinese funeral causing the traffic jam. Now I’ve seen enough such processions not to be particularly startled by them, but this one was surreal. They had a brass band all dressed in black and white, each looking like a cross between a Zorro and Zapata, wearing black hats that had brims on growth hormones. Weird. A Malaysian version of those New Orleans funeral marches of Hollywood movies…?

Anyway, eventually I extricated myself from the mourners and got to see the doctor. Who thinks my problem is caused by snapped and torn muscles in my hips, probably dated back to my trekking in April-May, and progressively getting worse since, especially since the orthopaedic specialist had been giving me exercises to work those same muscles!! Seems those shoes weren’t the only things that disintegrated on Borneo.

Doc’s advice: three months rest – meaning: no stairs, no climbing, no bending, no squatting….and I am about to embark on a 3 week stint of looking after 3-year-old grandson in a house with stairs. Yikes. How’s that for timing?

The lovely doctor refused payment. And the day began to look up…


One of THOSE days… — 9 Comments

  1. Oh my lordy lord. I can’t believe the crap you’re going through. I hug you and send you healing vibes from afar!!!!!

  2. Will it work now? I hate computers.

    But I love the experience with the funeral. Boy, is that an adventure looking for a story!

  3. It seems life is just one long series of badly timed events:-( I do hope you’ll be able to get a bit of downtime while minding the grandson, Glenda, so you can follow doctor’s orders at least some part of the day.

    Have fun with him, anyway:-) (The littlie, not the doctor!)They grow too fast.

    I’m having trouble getting into comments on blogspot lately, too, on my own site and others. I love the look of blogspot but I’m seriously thinking of decamping to LJ or MySpace.

  4. Thanks for the kind thoughts…

    Have you both updated you blogspot account to the new one? That may account for your troubles.

  5. If/when you have changed your account, make sure you click on Use a different account and sign in with your Google account before you write your post (or it will vanish as my previous attempt to comment just did). Now if only I can train myself not to click on the wrong button when one of those Post-cache has expired messages comes up.

  6. Sorry, I have just realised I left out of my replacement post that it’s the pits when your body lets you down like this. I really feel for you having had far too many of these x-rays myself. At least you now have a sensible diagnosis (however badly timed) so you can do something about it.

  7. What a nice doctor. But three months rest? Think I’d go more than a little crazy (and fat), I’m such a fidget.

    But thank goodness it wasn’t muscles in your arms or hands that went, so you are still able to write!

    Sympathies and hugs.

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