Making the connection

Hey, that virtualcon was fantastic. I felt like I was being interviewed with the button stuck on fast forward. By the time it was finished I was exhausted. Reading it over this morning, I see that there were one of two questions I missed in the rush…

You can still go and read it here, amazingly coherent considering the pressure, but there are other authors and editors too.

When I was kid, the telephone was attached to the wall and you stood while answering it. Phone calls were short and to the point. If you rang anyone living outside your own very small post office area, you had to go through an exchange and often had to wait – they would ring you back after they made the connection. And now I can chat online to people from the US, UK and Australia, all at the same time…I love this world.

My thanks to everyone who turned up. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and if anyone wants me to expand on what was said, just ask…

And thanks so much to all the organisers. If you can get to Conflux, the real con that is, do. You won’t regret it.


Making the connection — 3 Comments

  1. I’m so disappointed that I missed it. Even more disappointed that I cant go to Canberra.

    Incidentally, I finished Song of the Shiver Barrens about a half an hour before you were due online. So it’s probably a good thing – I may not have been able to ask a question for how full my head was.

    Honestly Glenda, you should be immensely proud of your accomplishments. I dont think I’ve ever laughed, cried, been so angry or felt so helpless all within the turn of a few pages. No other author has made me feel so absorbed that I actually felt like I was there. There are so many more things I’d like to say, but I’ve run out of time.

    Well done Glenda. I’ve never loved anyone’s books more.


    P.S – Chapter 24? Deliciously and unexpectedly horrifying. I didnt know you had it in you ;).

  2. Yeah, like fast forward in a crowded room with strobe lighting. But it was a *crowded* room, which was great – not quite the empty room you had anticipated …

    One comment I missed in all the fun was: ‘places as remote as the Channel Isles’. Remote, us?? But don’t you know we’re the centre of the world, glenda? Just ask any local – LOL! :oD

    Seriously though, I had a blast being there. Thanks for giving the heads-up (and weblinks) here on your blog for when and where to go. Looking forward to the next one. :o)

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Sarah…

    There’s not many professions where one can feel happy when told we have made someone feel angry and helpless and made them cry! *g*

    Hrugaar – thanks for dropping in. It was great to see you there. Maybe you should aim to make your next trip to Oz coincide with a great con like /Conflux. The Canberra mob do a terrific job.

    *Glenda now goes off to find a copy of SotSS to see what happened in Chapter 24…*nplee

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