A map for reading?

Yesterday we came in from Taman Negara, Malaysia’s premier National Park. Today the team leaves for another park, Endau-Rompin down in Johor state. Work, remember? All work, I swear. Back Saturday.

In the meantime, here’s something to play with.

When you type in an author’s name, it gives you the other authors you might like. No idea what criteria they use to make these decisions! It alters a bit from time to time, but basically, if you like Glenda Larke, you will love Alma Alexander, also Louise Marley and Judith Tarr (neither of whom I’ve ever read), and then Jenny Fallon, Trudi Canavan, Anne Bishop and some guy called J.R.R.Toliken (sic), etc. Even Guy Gavriel Kay is there…

More mysteriously, so is Dahl, Judy Blume and Amy Tan, although further away in the liking stakes. Hmm.


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  1. Thanks for the link. I often notice in the Library that my definition of Fantasy is not the same as theirs. I think the Otori novels are Fantasy: the Library thinks they are Japanese adventure or something like that and put them in general fiction!!!

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