How does the spam do it?

We in Malaysia are suffering internet problems at the moment because of the
Taiwanese earthquake doing something or other to an undersea cable. So emails often don’t arrive or can’t be sent, googling is as slow as a sleepy loris if it works at all.

Yet the spam still arrives by the bucketload (inboxload?), no problem. I have had about 20 versions of the Nigerian scam in the past 2 days for a start…

I hope there is a special place in hell for spammers quite frankly. A place where they have to delete individually every single spam message they ever sent, over and over again.

Another photo from the family’s Oz trip. Like father, like son?


How does the spam do it? — 6 Comments

  1. Urgh, spam. When I came back from my Christmas weekend I had 765 spam emails waiting in my inbox! Well, I have an old email address, so I guess I’m on every spammer’s list and CD-Rom of targetable addresses going.

    I like the hell idea. But as well as deleting the spam, they should be made to write an individual apology for each one, for sending it (with the copy-paste function disabled, natch).

  2. Unfortunately I believe it’s a spam machine. They really are gross, aren’t they??????

    OTOH, that’s a very funny picture.

  3. I get about a dozen spam for every “real” e-mail. Like you, Hrugaar, I have an old address and in the early days I was daft enough to go splattering it all over the internet (sigh). Still, I wouldn’t be without this amazing technology.

    Happy New Year, Glenda and friends:-)

  4. What really bugs me is that the spam gets through, but my normal emails don’t – even the ones coming from within Malaysia!! What does the spam do, get bounced in off the moon????

    and the code word I have to use to leave a comment this time is “upfnoded”. Isn’t that a lovely word to say?

  5. Maybe ‘upfnoded’ is how spam gets delivered to mailboxes, heh.

    My code word here is ‘gycku’, which sounds like an alternative lizard … and, curiously enough, is not so unlike some of the names of the smaller rock-islands near ours! (e.g. Brechou, Lihou.)

  6. I open my email, I’m told I’ve got 275 emails waiting. Turns out, 270 of them are spam. I have to wonder if they really work (although if current affairs shows are to be judged, hundreds do). I guess they do pay off, otherwise why do it? So I wonder if, when eventually all of mankind realise what is going on, will that make the spammers stop? Or is there desire to get their message out there greater than the payback? I wait with interest.

    And note to all spammers reading – I don’t need a penis enlargement. I really don’t need a penis at all. One in the house is just fine.

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