Someone out there doesn’t want me to die

I am the typical absolutely pathetic author who has to google her name every so often to see what people are saying about her books.

Serves me right, of course.

Over on Blogpulse, up pops a blog entry by someone saying they loved Heart of the Mirage, and they are so worried – because of my venerable old age, you see – that I might die before I finish the series.

I am tickled to death (oops, now that’s an unfortunate metaphor) and will do my very best to stay alive, I promise. I cannot think of a lovelier comment from a reader. Thank you!

Roll on 2007 and may I still be alive at the end of it! Happy New Year everyone.


Someone out there doesn’t want me to die — 7 Comments

  1. Are you saying there are authors who DON’T Google their own names?

    (Sure there are – S. King, JK Rowling and their ilk. The rest of us just want to know we’re not writing for an audience of one.)

    Anyway, that comment you read must have been posted by a teen. To them, anyone over thirty is a decrepit wreck with one foot firmly planted in the grave.

  2. HAH! Best laugh I’ve had all… well… week.

    Here’s to your continued good health and typing fingers free of arthritis!

    Happy New Year, one and all!

    Cheers, Lisa.

  3. Thinks Mr. Haynes is right – comment probably posted by a teen (or by a gay man, the mindsets with regard to ageism are depressingly similar).

    I still think of you as my generation, Glenda, no great age at all. So yes, do your very best to keep living and keep writing, with several decades of acclaim still to come. :o)

    And have a happier, healthier 2007. :o)

  4. Gee, Glenda, talk about giving with one hand and taking with the other. I have heard several times recently sixty eight year olds describing themselves as “late middle aged”. By that criteria we are in our prime.
    BTW isn’t Googling mandatory?

  5. “O King, may you live forever” 🙂

    And may we all be happy and healthy in 2007. We need to live a lo-o-ong time to read all those super books. I’m looking forward to new books from Simon and Karen as well as you, Glenda. And from several other faves too. Aren’t we lucky to have so many really, really good writers around?

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