Snakes on an island….

There’s an island out there in the South China Sea. A tiny piece of land with a patch of rainforest that seems too small to survive a tropical storm. It’s called Snake Island…

And there are snakes. Lots of them. They are, I believe, Yellow-lipped Sea-kraits.

Poisonous, lethargic and indifferent to people. They are everywhere you look, and some places you don’t. If you think about it, there are some things snakes can’t do very well in the sea. Like lay eggs. So they actually spend quite a bit of time on land.

A harmless looking log has an occupant. So does that tree that my daughter stands by. (Funny, she freaks out about leeches, which are totally harmless, yet she can stroke a highly poisonous snake without turning a hair.)

At night, the trees are laden with Frigatebirds, but alas – they are gone at daybreak, too early for us.

Little fish cling to the rocks – a case of fish happily out of the water.

There are times when you feel all is right with the world.


Snakes on an island…. — 5 Comments

  1. Sounds like the rock where I live … only here we have a lot of human creatures who are poisonous, lethargic and indifferent to people. Heh.

  2. Nothing wrong with snakes so long as you don’t disturb them. I’m not sure stroking snakes is a good idea, I mean if you get bitten then what ?

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