At last, some sense on bird flu…

I was interviewed by Tan Cheng Li from The Star newspaper last week, and today the article came out. And a very good article it is too, to counterbalance some of the wild statements that have issued forth from the mouths of the ignorant in this country. There was even one state politician who seemed to be suggesting that we kill all migratory birds.

There is far more evidence to suggest that wild birds do NOT spread bird flu than there is evidence to suggest that they do. Interesting, eh? Especially when so much of governmental investigation is aimed at wild birds. One hopes they are also committing the same amount of resources to the illegal transport of poultry, illegal import/sale of caged birds and cock-fighting birds, import of organic manure, organic fish-food and poultry feed – all of which have been heavily implicated elsewhere.

I don’t want to die of bird flu. I want the truth about its causes and how it is spread. And while people point the finger only at wild birds – thereby avoiding blame for their/our human stupidity – then we are not searching for the truth.


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