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If you don’t know about this opportunity to win a free copy of Heart of the Mirage, scroll down a bit for details.

Here is the first question:

The second book of The Mirage Makers trilogy is now called The Shadow of Tyr. While I was writing it, it had another name. What was that name?

Do NOT send in your answer yet. There are 2 more questions coming up within the next 2 weeks.

And just for the heck of it, here’s a picture to brighten up your day. It was taken by my husband – and those are not beetles sitting on the wings of that moth. That’s just nature pretending…
And the dead leaf in the bottom left? That’s another moth.
And we sff folk talk about sensawunda? Nature beat us to it by eons.


Win a free book! — 8 Comments

  1. Not at all. As I explained in the post about the competition yesterday, all the answers are to found in my blog. And, I promise, I didn’t hide the answer deep in a post on bird flu or rainforest conservation!

  2. Somehow I missed that being the finalised title. I love it!!!! Bloody brilliant. Evocative, inviting, mysterious. Faboooo!


  3. Good! Nice to hear positive feedback after all the angst. Reckon I spent as long over those four words as I did over a whole two chapters…

  4. Absolutely real, Satima. I’ll have to ask my husband about the name though…anything with six or more legs is his domain.

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