Three free books for readers of this blog…

Ok, folk, if you’d like a free copy of Heart of the Mirage
– book 1 in “The Mirage Makers” trilogy – here’s how:

Open only to folk who are NOT residents of Australia & New Zealand.
(Mean, aren’t I?) You folk downunder have a chance to buy a copy in your local bookstore from Wednesday onwards.

1. Answer 3 questions which will be up on this blog sometime in the next two weeks. Answers can be found somewhere in the blog. (Fortunately I’ve only been at this two months, so you don’t have far to search!)
2. Once question number 3 appears, send your 3 answers to me at

The first question will appear tomorrow. The first 3 people to supply correct answers to all 3 questions will then be asked to supply a snailmail address for postage of the book.

If you want to know what the book is about, here’s the media release from Harper Collins:

A magnificent new offering from the author of The Isles of Glory trilogy, brimming with betrayal, invasion, magic, and survival against all odds.
From my early childhood, my life was paved with the mosaics of illusion … a history of betrayal’

The Exaltarch rules the Tyrans Empire through force and a network of spies known as the Brotherhood. In Kardiastan, the empire has forced out the ruling class of Magor and imposed their own leaders.

Ligea Gayed, one of the top agents of the Brotherhood, is ordered to find a Kardiastan rebel leader and bring him to justice. A straightforward enough assignment for her, but all Ligea finds is mystery upon mystery. The rebels seem able to come and go at will. And if Tyranian soldiers attempt to cross the desert in pursuit, they are never heard from again.

As circumstances begin to unleash chaos into her world, Ligea is forced to face her own demons and her own violent past so that she may discover the secrets of the Magor of Kardiastan …


Glenda Larke was born in Western Australia. She trained as a teacher and taught English in Australia, Vienna, Tunisia and Malaysia. She currently combines her passion for writing fantasy with an equal passion for bird watching and rainforest conservation. Glenda has two adult children and lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with her husband. She has recently become a grandmother and has spent some time in America, looking after her new grandson. Glenda’s first trilogy with HarperCollins Voyager, The Isles of Glory was popular with readers and critically acclaimed.
Travelling has given me ideas galore. And I think I have gained an understanding of how cultural differences are formed… an essential understanding for a fantasy writer who has to build a whole society from scratch.’

ACCLAIM FOR ‘The Mirage Makers’:

Glenda Larke writes stories of real consequence, and this is no exception. Powerful, down to earth and filled with the sharpness of the true storyteller, The Mirage Makers is entertainment with an edge.’

Russell Kirkpatrick, author of The Fire of Heaven trilogy

‘The Mirage Makers is a masterpiece! Larke has crafted a compelling tale of duty, honour, and redemption set in a Byzantine empire filled with betrayal, passion and greed. One of the finest writers of fantasy fiction Australia has to offer, and a world-builder extraordinaire. Larke’s characters jump off the page and take a hold of the reader’s heart and mind. You will remember this take and the world it is set in, long after you have finished reading!’

Mark Timmony, Galaxy Bookshop, Sydney

ACCLAIM FOR ‘The Isles of Glory’:

‘This is a novel from an experienced and gifted writer and it shows’

Visions magazine (on The Aware)

The Aware is part mystery, part political intrigue, part love story and many parts rollicking adventure. The action takes place in the refuse tip of Gorthan Spit, and Larke paints a nose-twitchingly vivid picture of this ramshackle, cut-throat harbour and its denizens.’

The Courier Mail (on The Aware)

Really, really good! A witty, enthralling story to keep you up late!’

Trudi Canavan, author of The Magician’s Guild (on Gilfeather)

Selling this one is going to be easy. For the first time in ages there is a book I think just about anyone who is into fantasy would enjoy’

Stefan Brazulatis, Dymocks Carousel (on Gilfeather)


Three free books for readers of this blog… — 6 Comments

  1. Eeexcellent!!!! You know, all I want now is to be important enough to get asked to rave about your work …


  2. Tell you what, Anghara – you send me one and I’ll send you one…we can even do it in US. I’ll be there from the 24th April.

  3. Splendid Glenda – I’ll be staying up late at night clicking on your blog waiting for every single one of the questions to pop up!

    Lady M

  4. Which one, Glenda? [grin]

    If you are talking about my YA book, I can’t send you one of that until next year, probably… um… do you have a copy of Embers? I could trade you that…

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