“The Isles of Glory” US edition

Penguin ACE have just made public the cover to the US edition of book 3 of The Isles of Glory. It’s a glorious cover, and even though part of me wonders just why the character is wearing so little, I must say it does catch the eye. (I am assuming the artist is Scott Grimando, who did the first two covers.) Another five months to publication though…

Meantime, over at http://www.emcit.com, Cheryl Morgan has a review of the second book, Gilfeather, and was kind enough to say that At this point Larke does something that Stephen Donaldson would have been proud of. When it comes to emotional torture of one’s heroes, Larke is getting very good. I’m starting to like this series a lot.”

In addition, I just saw the cover to the new book, Heart of the Mirage (Book 1 of The Mirage Makers trilogy) from HarperCollins Australia. Lovely. All in all, it has been an exciting few days…


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  1. Ha! First to comment. Yay, she’s online to chat with us!

    Lovely looking blog design, Glenda. And you’re right, both covers are truly eye-catching. A lovely way to start the year.

    To the US folk who follow you here, a)you’re in for a treat with The Tainted and b) Heart of the Mirage is utterly fantastic and you’ll be blown away by it.

    Karen (who really must get her blogspot id organised)

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