Impossibly Exotic

My life has been described by one of my editors as “impossibly exotic” – although really it is not my life, but me, that’s the exotic. I’m the uprooted plant, the exotic who doesn’t belong, always living in someone else’s backyard…

I am a transplanted Australian, now living in South-East Asia. I have, as an adult, lived in four different countries on four different continents. I grew up on an Australian farm, I’ve worked in Malaysian rainforests, looked out on the ruins of Carthage from the windows of my study in Tunis and lived seven years in a house that backed onto Beethovengang in Vienna.

Now I live in Malaysia, in the state of Selangor, where I write fantasy fiction and work on projects that take me anywhere from mangroves to tropical islands, from a luxury resort to a tent in a peat swamp.

Welcome to my blog!


Impossibly Exotic — 3 Comments

  1. Welcome to the blogiverse! I’ll put yours down in my list of favourites and visit ever day.

    Do drop by LiveJournal now and then to see what Gisty and I have been up to.

  2. Fantastic blog and well worth visiting since my mission today will be to find out what an antenna was doing on a roof.Can’t wait for tomorrows puzzle!
    Happy Birthday!

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