So what else is new…?

Today’s my birthday. And my stock answer to anyone asking how old I am is : “Quite a bit older than I’d like to be.”

To give you a few clues, when I was born :

  • No one knew what a plastic bag was.
  • Radios stood on the floor and had aerials stuck up on the roof.
  • Tail-lights had to be turned on manually at the back of the car.
  • Girls wore dresses. Always.
  • Boys had very short hair. Always.
  • Women wore gloves and hats every time they left the house.
  • Our frig ran on kerosene.
  • There was a war on. (So, what’s new?)
  • Icecream came in two choices: vanilla, or chocolate-coated vanilla – both in a cone.
  • Our telephone number had 3 digits.

My mother was reading a novel during the early stages of labour and her aunt snatched it away from her, and told her she would damage the baby reading stuff like that.

Now there’s a book I wish I knew the title of . Think what I could blame on that author…

Weird stuff:

From yesterday’s paper. A woman here is being charged with apostasy. If found guilty, she could possibly go to jail. She says she’s not a Muslim. And according to the New Straits Times, the prosecutor argued that she was “and the fact that she was charged in the Syariah court proved it.”



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  1. Hey, Glenda, you share your birthday with my son, Kurt, who lives in Canberra and is a heavy rock muso! I hope you’re both having a wonderful day.

    You and I are the same vintage and our memories are similar. I however, grew up in England and only saw ice-cream once before I was about five or six years old. It was about the size of, say, a stack of four 50c pieces and wrapped in metallic paper. I wasn’t sure I liked it:-)I’ve been test-tasting ever since, however, and have, after much research and due consideration, decided that I do!

    So glad you’ve got a blog, but don’t let it keep you from the WIP – I’m longing for the new trilogy!

  2. Satima, come to think of it, the chocolate coating was probably not in evidence in the year of my birth, what with a war on and all…

    KJ, nice to hear from you. Hope you got yr visa all fixed up by now?

    And thanx everyone for visiting

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