REMEMBER HER?

Yes, it’s Blaze, the woman with an attitude… 

…and a very large sword.

 The three books of THE ISLES of GLORY will be legitimately available again through Hachette’s  ORION  SF GATEWAY  and you will be able to buy them via the usual eBook sellers, from 21st December, worldwide.                                  You can already pre-order!
See a review here:
Fantasy Book Review

Here’s what The Romantic Times USA had to say:

Rich world building will capture the reader’s interest. With a forceful
heroine who is mature and experienced, Larke crafts a fantastic tale
that moves beyond a typical coming-of-age fantasy. Fans of Lois McMaster
Bujold and Mercedes Lackey’s strong heroines will relish Blaze’s

Also available will be  HAVENSTAR (see below) 

the story of a mapmaker’s daughter  
caught up in a world that shifts and changes from moment to moment, a world where changes can be fatal...

Here’s what Pauline’s Fantasy Reviews says about it.

Here’s a review from Tsana’s Reads

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY READ & ENJOYED THESE BOOKS, how about giving them to friends as Christmas presents?



  1. Ah.. the trilogy that I randomly came across one day that introduced me to your writing. Love all your books but this trilogy will always be special. ❤

  2. Congratulations!

    A minor point: the newly released e-books have not got onto your author page on They all have product pages on the site and they all pop up as available for per-order if one searches under your name in the Kindle Store but the links to the author page have not gone through. It would be nice to see this corrected as fans looking for your work may well go direct to the author page (though it doesn't really affect me as I start from the excellent "" site when researching an author's books, unless I've already bookmarked the authors own site.)

  3. Love all your books but the first one I ever read was Havenstar and it is still my favourite. I am waiting for the book you are currently writing but you seem to be taking longer these days. Aren't we all taking things slowly LOL.

  4. Thank you, Priscilla.

    And Mike: Thanks for the heads up on that. I'll get on to it.

    Jo — I'll get there. Just more slowly than I used to… 🙂

  5. That’s great news for new readers. I am still chuffed I found Havenstar a few years ago at a market. I went there today, so your post is a lovely piece of serendipity!!

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